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  • Some Great Reasons why 'A Better Way to Advertise!' should be YOUR GREAT WAY to Advertise!
    We do not charge for clicks!  
    You are charged for results: GUARANTEED PROFITS - or you receive your next month's advertising
   We have eight types of Advertising: ShareADs Regular, ShareADs ROL (Regular OnLine), both of which
         are not guaranteed; ShareADs MAX, ShareADs MOL (MAX OnLine), both of which guarantee 1 GUARANTEED
         SALE per month per each Member Signed Up to Purchase From You, as well as from some who may not
         be Signed Up to purchase from you because MAX or MOL Member-Partners in exchange for the 100 times
         higher earning potential that we provide to them over REG or ROL Member-Partners, give us the option
         of "Re-Directing" them, if necessary, to purchase from you - in order to insure that you, our valued MAX
         or MOL Advertiser, make your GUARANTEED SALES & GUARANTEED PROFIT as promised by .US & by our
         MAX or MOL Member-Partners themselves; and Buyers Club Advertising, which can be either ShareADs REG
         and/or ROL, or ShareADs MAX and/or MOL - either of which Guarantee DAILY PURCHASES to your company
         since Buyers Club Members go even further than the once a month Purchasing Commitment of ordinary
         REG or ROL, or MAX or MOL Member-Partners, and Commit to Purchasing Every Work Day of the Month!


   ShareADs Regular or ROL Advertising is traditional advertising, what we call "if-fy" advertising --- "if"
         this happens and if that happens maybe you'll make some sales, some money). But like all traditional
         "if-fy" advertising, REG or ROL does NOT guarantee sales or profits. Nonetheless, ShareADs REG or ROL
         Advertising still has the edge over most forms of traditional "if-fy" advertising such as TV, radio, news-
         paper, click-thru ads, etc.,. 1- it is substantially less expensive than those other types. Whereas other
         forms of 'un-guaranteed' advertising usually cost $50.00, $100.00, $200.00, even $5000.00 for nothing
         more than keeping your fingers crossed that you'll make sales & profits, ShareADs REG (Regular) or ShareADs
         ROL (Regular OnLine) start at only $1.00 to Advertise for the whole month! 2- Although the REG or ROL
         programs are not Guaranteed to specifically be aimed at your place of business, (as the MAX/MOL Pro-
         grams are!) ALL ShareADs Member-Partners Commit to Purchasing from at least one company in a specific
         category during the month. As such, although with REG or ROL Advertising you cannot be sure how many
         Member-Partners will purchase from your specific company, still, you can be reasonably sure that there
         are a fair amount of people Committed to Purchasing from your TYPE of business. (One of the two major
         differences between ShareADs MAX/MOL Advertising and ShareADs REG/ROL Advertising is that with
         GUARANTEED MAX/MOL Advertising, MAX/MOL Member-Partners Commit to Purchasing from a SPECIFIC
         COMPANY - whereas REG or ROL Member-Partners do not commit to a specific company but only Commit to
         Purchasing from a Categorized Company Type, such as they Signed Up to eat at a hamburger-type fast food
         restaurant but didn't commit to which hamburger restaurant they were going to eat at, or they Signed Up
         to buy a TV from a TV retailer, etc., but they didn't commit to a specific TV retailer. REG or ROL Member-
         Partners Commit to Purchasing from one unspecified company on a List of Competing Companies of the
         same TYPE of services or products. Which in itself is BETTER than standard traditional advertising because
         as a REG/ROL Advertiser you're connected with people who WANT to purchase the TYPE of services
         or products that you offer, but more than that---have COMMITTED to do so! - it's just that they don't know
         whether they want to purchase them from you. (So like other forms of traditional "if-fy" advertising, you
         have to convince them to purchase from you). What a hassle! And sometimes you can spend just as much
         money trying to convince them to buy from you (in radio what is it? - they have to hear your ad something
         like fifty times before they remember your brand name, location, and other details) as if you just paid our
         higher MAX/MOL fees for their Specific Purchase Orders (called Purchase Commitments). So as an Ad-
         vertiser, why would you want to continue perpetuating this hassle of trying to sell people into purchasing
         from you? Why limit yourself to old-fashion, outdated advertising methods - where the advertising quite
         often targets uninterested people as well as interested? What a waste of effort! You may be approaching
         thousands of golfers, for example, but how do you know that the majority of them haven't already bought
         golf clubs and therefore are no longer viable prospects? This is one of several bad things about internet
         click-thru advertising, to use a good example of "if-fy" advertising. Furthermore, most click-thrus charge
         for the click --- even if the person was just window-shopping or accidentally clicked. How about you?
         How many times have you accidentally clicked on an ad? I always feel bad because I know I just cost the
         the click-thru advertiser money! And problems like that happen repeatedly with most if not all old-school
         advertising! There's just too much uncertainty involved. Why stay with traditional "if-fy" and "uncertain"
         advertising when you no longer need to!? It's one thing if all that was available was Google and Facebook
         and Yahoo, but now, because the God of this earth is stepping in to helping with the economics of the
         world, many businesses and individuals should prosper better than ever before. ShareADs was developed
         so that ordinary people around the world can EARN money, have JOBS, and indigent businesses can suc-
         ceed as never before because top-of-the-line advertising on a world website is now affordable for any
         business, regardless of their budget. With ShareADs, individuals partner with businesses so that both are
         synergized through GUARANTEED SALES & GUARANTEED PROFITS! The Individual and The Advertiser
         (ordinary people & businesses) become a TEAM. (As the Advertiser prospers, so the Individual prospers;
         and vice-versa, as Individuals profit, so Businesses profit.) One makes money when the other makes
         money. So why would you as an Individual or you as a Business Advertiser even want to break up this
         TEAM that Heavenly Father is forming so that the world can prosper economically? Why would you want
         to continue with old-fashioned systems of advertising (such as click-thru advertising) that rarely bene-
         fit both ends of the buying/selling spectrum (where individuals join with businesses so that both may
         prosper) as the new ShareADs New Way Of Advertising does? Still, we feel that we must offer old-school
         advertising for those who are die-hards and can't see the light. Unlike Guaranteed MAX or MOL Advertising
         which can specifically reveal to you how many sales and project how much profit (minimally) that you'll
         make for the month, (this is done by running a Buyers Query at the first of each month to see how many
         people have Signed Up their Mandatory Purchase Commitments for YOUR Company or Business (NOTE:
         It's not Mandatory that they Sign Up To Purchase from you, but it is Mandatory that they Sign Up to Pur-
         chase from someone)) REG or ROL "old-school" Advertising, just like TV, radio, newspaper, click-thru ads,
         and all similar old-school "if-fy" advertisements, provide you with little knowledge of how successful
         your advertising campaign will be: none of these forms of advertising can show you upfront how many
         people will actually purchase from you and consequently how much money you will earn.) At,
         we believe, this isn't as effective as GUARANTEED SALES & GUARANTEED PROFITS. What do you think?
         We believe all traditional click-thru advertising is now outdated and needs to be retired! Or at least down-
         graded. Don't let them fool you! "If-fy" and "uncertain" advertising has now, with the advent of GUARAN-
         TEED Sales & GUARANTEED Profits, become an antiquated and inferior way to advertise! Concerning
         these many forms of "if-fy" and "uncertain" advertising, such as TV, radio, newspaper, click-thrus, etc.,
         they need to stop being overcharged for and stop being lauded as the best advertising in the world ---
         because that's deceitful: they no longer are! For those of you who insist on staying with traditional adver-
         tising, we have a couple of suggestions for you. We at least urge you to give up the many problems associ-
         ated with click-thru ads. At least climb on board for the new Buyers Type Standard of Advertising that
         REG and ROL offers, where at least you are set up with people who are Committed to Purchasing in the
         Category of Services and Products that your store or business belongs to. Also, we urge you to stop
         paying exorbitant prices for "uncertain & if-fy" advertising. Don't pay tens or hundreds of dollars as the
         starting point of a question mark ? with a Capital Q. REG or ROL starts as low as $1.00
         per month to Advertise. ...

BUT ...


   Although it appears expensive, ShareADs MAX or MOL Advertising really isn't expensive because it
         GUARANTEES from our Membership Base X-amount of SALES, X-amount of actual PURCHASES of your
         product or service! AND, that you'll Make A Profit above the cost of Advertising with us and the cost of
         of any Buyers Queries that you may run! We back this GUARANTEED Sales Commitment that "you'll
         MAKE A PROFIT above your cost to Advertise with us"
, giving you another month of FREE Advertising
         if we don't produce for you. So confident are we that we CAN GUARANTEE X-amount of SALES for you,
         as well as Your Profit, that if the 2nd month also does not produce these Guaranteed Sales & Profit,
         we'll give you a 3rd month for FREE. If that also does not work, we'll give you a 4th month for FREE.
         In fact, we'll give you FREE Advertising for the rest of your life - till we produce that X-amount of
         GUARANTEED SALES & GUARANTEED PROFIT promised to you during your initial, or current, month!
         That's ...



   With ShareADs MAX* Advertising you the Advertiser can receive GUARANTEED X-amount of SALES,
         X-amount of PURCHASES of your product(s) or service(s) from your store, restaurant, or other busi-
         ness, etc., because our ShareADs MAX* Members '' with us in "Sharing Profits!"
That's why we
         call them not just 'Members' but 'Member-Partners.' We charge you the Advertiser 100 times the cost of
         what you purchase each Level of the ShareADs Regular Membership Levels and split these increased ad-
         vertising charges 50% with Our ShareADs MAX* Member-Partners. In return for what can be hundreds,
         thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in their pockets, which they "SHARE with .US" - the reason it's
         called,, Our Member-Partners COMMIT to the MAX/MOL Purchase Committment:

The ShareADs MAX/MOL Advertising Guarantee Concerning Member Purchase Commitments:

  Our ShareADs MAX/MOL Member-Partners Commit to Purchasing at least 1 purchase per month from
  a ShareADs MAX or MOL Advertiser they Sign Up for, with the condition and understanding that we
  have the option of "Re-Directing" their purchase to an Advertiser of OUR choice, if necessary.

         ShareADs MAX* Member-Partners authorize us to tell them  WHERE to shop   & from whom to buy from!

        * = When we use the term MAX this usually includes MOL as well. MOL stands for MAX OnLine. MOL is still MAX but OnLine MAX.

BUT ... For Advertisers willing to pay Top Dollar,

IT Gets Many Times Better!!!

    With Buyer's Club Advertising we X amount of actual ,
         on your website or even in your store --- EVERY WORK DAY - ALL MONTH LONG! *

                  *  Or at least the Equivalent PROFIT at the End of the Month!

         We can GUARANTEE these purchases because Members who have signed up as Buyers Club Member-
         Partners are gung-ho about winning the
         &, which could make them a millionaire! -

         and thus have set aside money to make the required purchases on Buyers Club Advertisers websites,
         and even in your store itself when you have a store in their area.*!

         * Buyers Club Members who make purchases from actual stores advertising with us as Buyers Club
         Advertisers receive additional points that are used by our Staff to determine the winner of the MONTHLY
         Buyers Club Jackpot! Thus, Buyers Club Members have more incentive to shop in your store itself when
         they can (as Buyers Club MAX Member-Partners) than even on your website (as Buyers Club MOL Member-

         But there are three other great incentives for Member-Partners to choose to be Buyers Club Members:

         1- You, the Buyers Club Restaurant, Store, or Other Business also give away DAILY CASH JACKPOTS
         which only Buyers Club Members can win (don't worry, Business Advertiser, we include these upfront
         Cash Jackpot Expenses of your's under our Guarantee, or you'll get your Advertising for FREE)

         2- (and we also cover this under YOUR Guarantee!), that those Member-Partners who opt to be
         Buyers Club Member-Partners, and are Matched Up with a Buyers Club Advertiser in a 50-50 "SHARE ADS"
         relationship, or a 75-25 "SHAREADS" relationship, also receive a SHOPPING SPREE, worth $hundreds or
         $thousands of dollars at your Store or Business!

         And 3, those who get Matched Up: since it costs you, the Advertiser, 300 times more to be A Buyers Club
         Advertiser receiving each day's equivalent of GUARANTEED DAILY PURCHASES & PROFITS, those
         Member-Partners Matched Up with Buyers Club Advertisers MAKE 3 TIMES AS MUCH MONEY than if they
         just remained standard MAX or MOL Member-Partners where you, the Advertiser, are charged only 100
         times the REG or ROL prices.

         So as you can see, these are 5 superlative reasons for Member-Partners to become Buyers Club Member-Partners!
         Which are also 5 superlative reasons for you, a business that wants A GUARANTEED MONTHLY PROFIT
         FROM EACH WORKING DAY OF THE MONTH - (to SUCCEED in other words!) --- to be, not just a
         Standard MAX or MOL Advertiser, but ...


a Buyers Club Advertiser!


Before you decide which of the 8 Types of Advertising to purchase, we suggest you continue studying and peruse these four pages:

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