Every city, town, village in the world has talented people. Oftentimes they are not known because they are shy or not resourceful or any of several reasons. There is probably more undiscovered talent in the world than discovered talent! But now there is a way for people who have exceptional talent and skills to be discovered by agents who might hire them and by people who might buy their art work for example. The Best Talent in Every City, Town, Village, State, Province, Country In The World isn't for everyone. If you have a singing voice that is good but not exceptional --- you shouldn't enter this. But if you know you have an exceptional voice, or any talent or skill, YOU SHOULD ENTER THIS! This isn't called "The BEST TALENT" for nothing. This isn't a call for the mediocre or for those who think they have a world-class talent but really don't. This is a call for those who KNOW they are damn good, who know they are great at what they do and should be world famous at what they do. If you think you are as good as they come in what you do, YOU SHOULD NOT HESITATE IN ENTERING THIS!

There is a price tag attached however. For the several hundred million or so people who make $50K or more per year, paying the $100.00 Entry Fee is not difficult. But for the several billion people who make only a couple hundred dollars a month in income ... how can ShareADs, always concerned about the poor and the needy, make it so that even impoverished people can compete? First, let's understand the problem. Unless a Sponsor materializes to pay the Entry Fees for people in their/its City, Town or Village (and if you are a Newspaper, Radio or TV Station, or other Entity reading this: you could certainly be such a Sponsor in exchange for advertisements and also to give back in a humanitarian way, helping the poor in your area!), each City, Town or Village Competitor needs to contribute into the Cash Prizes to be won by the Winners on each of 4 Contest Levels: Level 1 Local City, Town, Village / Level 2 State, Territory or Province / Level 3 National or Country / and Level 4 World Title!

Let's illustrate these 4 Levels using a poor person's scenario. The mayor of a village of only 100 people, let's nickname this SmallVillage, likes our program and runs The Best Talent of SmallVillage. But only 3 people believe they each have the necessary TALENT to compete in The Best Talent of SmallVillage. One of these is a teenage girl with no job and poor parents. However, all of her relatives and dozens of people, including the Mayor (which might be the reason he decided to promote the Contest) have no doubt this unknown teenage girl can win it all! All of them believe she can Win The the World Title! Her voice sounds like Celine Dion! She has no money herself, neither her parents, but her relatives and the people of the community chip in and raise the $100.00 Entry Fee for her. The other two pay their Entry Fees as well.

$10 of each of their 3 entry fees goes to the winner of SmallVillage, which is decided by Public Vote and finalized by a ShareADs Judge or Judges. $10.00 of their Entry Fee is designated for the Winner of the City, Town, or Village. Normally this is expected to be worth several hundred or even several thousand dollars. But this scenario shows a small example: 3 contestants x $10.00 each = $30.00 to the Winner. Not only did the Winner NOT make back her Entry Fee, but the two losers really lost on it. Even for the Winner - it's hardly worth competing for that small amount! Or is it? The object is NOT to try to Win just your City, Town, or Village. Your goal is to win at least your State or Province Category. If you Win 'it,' you should win a Cash Prize in the 4 or 5 or even the 6 figures! Continuing with our scenario: Let's say the State or the Province these villagers live in has 500 Cities, Towns, and Villages in it, including a couple of cities over 100,000 people. Let's say 100 of these other 500 Cities, Towns, and Villages also find people who know their talents, can dream, and want to compete. Let's say the average is 30 people from each City, Town, and Village competing: 30 contestants x 100 Cities = 3000 competitors all paying into the State/Province Level as well. Each Winner of their own City, Town, or Village competes for their State or Province's title. So in this case, the SmallVillage Winner who only won $30.00 now competes, at no additional entry cost to her, against the 100 other City Winners for the State/Province Title. 101 Cities, Towns and Villages x 30 contestants = 3030 Contestants x $10.00 each for this Category = $30,300.00!

Let's say the teenage girl who won SmallVillage is a world-class undiscovered singer as good as they come. Her voice sounds like Celine Dion. And she wins her State/Province Title as well! For a poor person the $30,300.00 she won makes her feel like a millionaire. BUT, she now can compete for her National Level A From there, she now competes in her National title. And let's say the country she lives in has 50 states or provinces in it and she competes against a Winner from each of those. Every contestant who competed entered $10.00 into the National Contest. Let's say that each State or Province averaged 3000 participants. 3000 x 50 States or Provinces = 150,000 Competitors x $10.00 = $1,500,000.00! And our poor little SmallVillage girl who sounds like Celine Dion wins the whole gabang! She went from being a poor village girl to becoming a millionaire! BUT, it doesn't even end there ... Every contestant in the world has also put $10.00 into the The Best Talent In The World. And let's hypothetically say of the 195 countries in the world that 100 of them had competitors. Let's say the average is 100,000 per country x 100 Countries = 10 million people who participated x $10.00 = $100,000,000.00!!!