Promote Your Musical Skills, Athletic Skills, Artistic Skills, Etc. For Agents & Companies To Hire You and For Potential Customers To Buy From You!

HUGE Cash Giveaways given to the Winner of every city, town, village, or other location!!!

There are 2 ways to enter a Best Of Contest:

1- Work for an Advertiser as a Word-Of-Mouth Advertiser, speaking to your friends, family, schoolmates, workmates, church-goers, etc. With this method poor entrants can even enter for FREE! With this method, if you should make a sale for the Advertiser you're speaking to your friends about, you receive 50 Votes for every sale you make!     How ShareADs works!

2- Member-Started Best Of Contests. With this method each contestant pays an Entry Fee, ranging from $100.00 to $1000.00 With this method you only receive 1 Vote at a time (not the preferred way to accumulate Votes ...)
    Member Started Entry Fees

Although we have many things planned for the future, we are a new website, and will start out with:

We try to give away to a different Time Zone each hour. There are at least 38 Time Zones in the world, therefore it takes 2 days to attempt to give an Hourly Cash Jackpot to someone in each Time Zone.

  Members are called "Member-Partners" for good reason: we "SHARE" 50-50 with YOU in AD revenues!
To become a 50% AD Revenue Sharing Partner you must purchase from an advertiser in our 2nd Advertising Schematic: Customers-Purchase-From-You-First Advertising These are listed in your own City, Town, Village. If there is nothing listed under your own City, Town, Village, you may consider earning money (through commissions of signing up businesses to sponsor The Best Of Contest in Your Own City, Town, or Village, and through finding Member-Partners to join such Contest once it is started) as a Sponsor Captain. If you are interested, please call our toll-free number 1-800-XXXXXXXXXXXXX

            Our name is " We are here to "SHARE" & create Money-Making Opportunities for You!

  One of these ways is that we've made it so that Advertisers create JOBS for our Member-Partners!
            There's a very good chance you can make M-O-N-E-Y working for 1 or more of our Advertisers!

Advertisers have 2 ways to Advertise:



[These 2 Programs are not just for Advertisers - but for Members, too. ALL Member-Partners should join one or both of these 2 Advertising Programs.]

Word-of-Mouth Advertising -
Hire dozens or hundreds of Member-Partners inexpensively to advertise 1 product or service of your's per month. Member-Partners talk about that 1 product or service to friends, family, schoolmates, workmates, church-goers, etc.! Word-Of-Mouth Advertising is said to be the best advertising in the world. With it's GUARANTEED to produce sales (at least 10% above your Advertising Fee, or your Ad becomes FREE month after month until it does)! NOTE: Advertising Method 1, Word-Of-Mouth Advertising, also promotes our Best of Cities, Town, Villages, etc. Contests. If you are a business that likes these Contests and want to promote the advancement of skills and talents in your community, communities, or even in your state/province, or country, we highly exhort you to advertise here, and liberally hire as many Word-Of-Mouth Member-Partners to work for you as you can. And while they promote your product or service, they should also promote The Best Of Their Own City Contest, etc. There are probably millions of poor people who are wonderful singers, artists, athletes, etc. - whose talents may never be discovered unless they can sign-up for The FREE Contest. [They cannot sign-up for A FREE Contest unless an Advertiser sponsors A Free Contest. Even if you prefer running a higher Paid Ad - you might still be able to sponsor A FREE Contest, can you not? - Consider it a social-contribution by you to help the poor in your community ... An Ad in The Free Contest costs you the Advertiser $12.00 per month plus $2.60 for any additional Member-Partners you hire to Word-Of-Mouth Advertise for you. And, as said, it's FREE for people to join this Membership Level.] See How ShareADs works! for additional information.


Customers Buy Your Product Or Service First - Before You Pay For Your Advertising!

We charge NO Advertising Fee for any purchase under $50.00!

ALL Purchases below $50.00 are FREE! FREE! FREE!

[FREE to the Advertiser. Customers still have to purchase ...]

[If no one purchases $50.00 or more from you - you pay nothing! If only a few purchase $50.00 or more - you pay but little. If a lot of customers purchase $50.00 or more - you pay for an AD that is worth paying for because you've already made money from it! Its already proven itself as an "AD Worth Purchasing!"] is here to make money for you our Advertiser, as well as for you our Member-Partner. We're not here to cheat advertisers (bill you for something that doesn't produce results, or isn't worth it). In exchange for getting the best advertising in the world, we expect Our Advertisers to allow Our Member-Partners to earn money from them, win prizes, receive great values. Businesses (Advertisers) can make significant differences in people's lives. Businesses are the employers of the world. THAT fact does not need to change with advertising! A BETTER WAY TO ADVERTISE MOTIVATES CUSTOMERS TO BUY MORE! TO MAKE BIGGER PURCHASES! "SHARES" 50% of every Advertisers Fee with a Member-Partner each month. This person wins this lucrative honor by SPINNING for it. Every $50.00 spent with your business, (and any other advertiser they purchase from) gives them 1 SPIN. Thus the more they purchase from your business - the more SPINS they receive and the greater chance they have of becoming the Reciprocal Partner concerning your Ad or Ads. For those who do not win that honor, they may become a Word-Of-Mouth Advertiser for only a $1.00 donation into their local City Contest.

ShareADs Reciprocal Partners can earn $tens of thousands of dollars! Member-Partners become Reciprocal Partners by WINNING THE SPIN Contest!*

*There may be dozens or hundreds of SPIN PLAYOFFS. The Winner of 1 SPIN GROUP versus The Winner of another SPIN GROUP ---

until there is only 1 Winner!

The more you purchase from advertisers - the more "SPINS" you receive:

A $50.00 purchase = 1 SPIN.
A $100.00 purchase = 2 SPINS.
A $300.00 purchase = 6 SPINS.
A $500.00 purchase = 10 SPINS.
A $1000.00 purchase = 20 SPINS.

Buy a Car or a Truck through an Ad here, and you may receive 200 SPINS! Or 500 SPINS!

(Depends on the downpayment you pay upfront for the vehicle.)


Buy a Home through a Realtor's Ad, and you may receive 1000 SPINS!!! Or 2000 SPINS!!!

(Depends on the downpayment you pay upfront for the home.)

[All SPINS are done against at least 10 people or more in a Spin Group*. ALL SPINS are against customers who purchase from the same Advertiser: Albertsons customers do not compete against Kroger customers. ALL SPINS are against customers who purchase in the same category: department store customers do not compete against doctors customers. Etc.]

*[Note: When a situation arises that a customer does not have at least 10 people to spin against, i.e. - someone buys a $50,000.00 car and receives 1000 SPINS and none of the other car lot customers have spins coming, we make up 9 "dummy" names for the SPIN Customer to compete against.]

[MAJOR TAKE-NOTE-OF-THIS!!! --- You Only Receive Spins For The Actual Cash You Pay!]

[Example. You purchase a $million-dollar home from a realtor listed here. BUT, your downpayment (you only actually paid) is $10,000.00. You do not receive a $million-dollar's worth of spins. You receive only $10,000.00 worth of spins, or if you paid upfront $20,000.00 - you receive $20,000.00 worth of SPINS, etc.]

Those who do not win their SPINS and become the ShareADs Reciprocal Partner for the month, can opt to work WORD-OF-MOUTH ADVERTISING by donating $1.00 into a Best Of Contest equivalent to their Purchase Total.

A $50.00 Purchase is good for the $50.00 Word-Of-Mouth Advertising Level - A $100 Purchase for the $100 Level, etc...

"It's not about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people's lives!" --- [Michelle Obama]

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